Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dragon Quest Heroes: The misfortune of the World Tree and Root of Evil

Dragon Quest Heroes. Omega Force and Horii together to create a new musou who steps forward and evolving mechanics me against ten thousand men with several interesting proposals. And convinces the merger becomes a game to be taken into account for PS4 and PS3.   

Omega Force is a real factory musou generate this kind of games where the player removes hundreds of enemies in seconds and is dedicated to clean tirelessly scenarios monsters. After the success and good reception of Hyrule Warriors, an approach of gender saga of Nintendo of mass Smite comes Dragon Quest Heroes, a game that could be seen to take a similar formula title Wii U. But nothing further from reality. Hyrule Warriors while cutting is a Musou classic in its gameplay and proposal, this Dragon Quest Heroes which is the director of the saga over of the project also gives a twist and gets bring different elements to those already Omega Force know. Action RPG is not promised, but it is more than just another action game with custom skins. We are facing a great title.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Tricks Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain MGS5 PC
Tips / Tricks MGS 5: The Phantom of Pain for PC Below we indicate a few tips / tricks of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom of Pain for PC and it definitely will make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try playing without using them to get the most juice to the gaming experience, but you may be very helpful for certain trophies. Anyway, and as always ... you choose

Unlockable DLCs in MGS V: The Panthom of Pain Register purchasing V Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on the website  Konami Core Vault to be rewarded with three unlockable DLCs future for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. After registration, we will confirm with the following message: "Back in early 2015 to claim your DLC!"

Video achievement wreak havoc: Here we leave a video achievement to locate easily let the episode 4, in the deployment area find the puppy, we rescued and return to Base Mother, once there we kinematics and keep playing the following missions of the campaign, when we go by 9/10 episode and doing a couple of missions back to Base mother and kinematics will leave us to tell us that already have D-Dog.

Like getting a bucket of Ocelot: If you are a long time without a shower, or you get wet when it rains putting yourself under cover, stained with blood and a lot of flies around, to get to your Mother Base will end you jump a cinematic where we see how the soldiers nose plug and see Ocelot is about as with a bucket of water and throws you over. Remember not to do it often because if you shower often times you will improve reflexes.

Shower in Quiet: First you must have a Quiet already on your computer and a good friendship with her, we will do the same as for the bucket Ocelot, not showering or getting wet with rain, when we return to the Mother Base reeking will seem the same kinematics, but when Ocelot about to throw us this water bucket Quiet will stand before us and we'll go with her to the showers, enjoy this sexy scene with her.

Distraction enemies with the poster of sexy girl: You'll have to get a poster of a sexy blonde model, which is in one of the camps near the rock wall to the east, once we have the poster all we have to do is stick to our mailbox, watching the enemies to stay the poster, if we get up we can go melee enemies to surprise them as well as being quite fun to see how gawk.

Electrocute enemies: In the area of ​​Africa we can electrocute enemies, just have to wait to be put to rain and wait for the enemies to approach an electrical wiring cable after shooting the enemies that are close were electrocuted.

MGS V trick to get air support: To get air support will have to send to your base more than 500 enemies and a new character appears in your mother base that will give instructions to perform air support when you need it most.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hyrule Warriors only have 3D in New 3DS

Many players think that Xenoblade is the only game catalog of Nintendo portable that will make use of the extra power including 3DS, but now we know the name of the second benefited from the revision of the console.

This is Hyrule Warriors, a title that is being developed for the machine after jumping on Wii U and 3D effect will only notebook in its updated version. The three dimensions can only be activated if you have a New Nintendo 3DS.

This was confirmed by the 4Gamer site through an interview with Yosuke Hayashi, producer of the game, which has said the extra power of revision of the console allows the motor to move in three dimensions.

Those who have not wanted to upgrade to the New Nintendo 3DS can also play Hyrule Warriors, as it is a game compatible with all models of the console. Of course, they should accept this three-dimensional cut on your machine.

Hyrule Warriors is a spin-off of The Legend of Zelda series that focuses on the genre of action featuring characters and enemies of the worlds created by Shigeru Miyamoto and now run by his Japanese counterpart Aonuma.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

PC Game; Stasis

After passing through Kickstarter, The Brotherhood finally brings your adventure: Stasis. A game with a great story full of horror dyes that will please fans of the genre. And a couple of years ago, the South African study The Brotherhood got the funding for special title called Stasis, a game that came just a few days ago to Steam and has been received with great success by, especially, the classic adventure games fans players.

And, the game combines several elements of this genre in its aspect of "point and click" with a very well achieved game atmosphere of terror, merging, again, two genres that have proved to be a charm in many Sometimes titles like Prisoner of Ice, Shadow of the Comet (both inspired by Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos), Sanitarium! or the more recent The Last Door (a Spanish project precisely), to name just a few examples. This peculiar fusion also is seasoned by a twist in the form of camera perspective, since for Stasis its creators have chosen to opt for an isometric view in 2D, more typical of RPGs like Baldur's Gate or Pillars of Eternity.

In terms of what to gameplay is concerned, there is not much to explain, we are mostly with the usual mechanics of an adventure of this kind, having to make all interactions with our mouse, searching the different points that We can take action on our screen. Luckily, the game of The Brotherhood shuns mania or defect usually have this type of games have to find a small pixel in the scene to achieve that object to find what we need to solve one of the puzzles and shows almost always, the objects with which we can act in a very clear and concise manner, although somewhat bad pass when first combine two objects having to be somewhat finicky when dragging to match a we have small menu at the bottom left of the screen.

PC Game; Stasis

Also, another point in its favor is the possibility of expediting the movement around the map, with the possibility of running, something that surely will appeal to the more impatient players and enables us to move quickly through the different scenarios seeking necessary to further advance our adventure responses.

A very important part in all games of this genre is the amount and difficulty of the puzzles, which, although will involve a challenge for classical players, will not reach at demoralizing, although the absence of aid itself can ballast something more those who are less used to this genre in recent years is returning to regain strength and so many hours of puzzle provided us in the increasingly distant 90.

That right amount of difficulty also somewhat elevated will enjoy the right of the puzzles but still allows us to savor gladly history. In fact, almost most of the elements that we will find when we go sliding our mouse across the screen are PDA, computers or other objects that serve to get in position for the frame and take more weight and argument, also increasing our sense horror and anguish. In fact, we Stasis "forced" to read most documents not only for the pleasure of discovering the history, but for the help they pose to resolving much of the puzzles.

As for the plot before us we reflects not want to reveal any details of it, just which he played John, a poor man who is induced into a coma to travel a great distance in space and awakens on a ship that is not theirs, badly wounded, with a lot of broken bones and damaged that will make start feeling cramped bodies from minute one, having to solve our first puzzle to survive and trying to remember what had happened before entering the colon and causes the poor condition of the new building in which it is located.

PC Game; Stasis

Technically, there is little to stand out from the game, it's a title with few resources that does not have large requirements, or with large graphics and it has focused all its efforts on the playable part and, above all, sound, music and well suited effects. The dubbing is only available in English but, fortunately, we will have subtitles in Castilian and other languages.

Stasis is a great adventure and perhaps the best game in the genre that we will meet this year. It combines elements of horror games with the classical mechanics of point and click adventures of 90, adapted to the times thanks to a unique camera own RPG, to a solid plot and some light aids like the ability to run around the map, which will make us even better enjoy the story of the South African study has to say. Definitely a little piece almost indispensable for all fans set in a science fiction setting and all those who enjoy afraid of adventure.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tearaway Unfolded, PS 4 Game analysis

Tearaway Unfolded. An experience as nice as it was in Vita, Media Molecule bears his beautiful Tearaway to PS4 in a version that hopefully more studies would follow, as well as a game, rebuilding from scratch and keeping family moved again. Iloi reaches the expanded desktop with all its magic. This is an analysis of the PS4 version is Tearaway Unfolded, that despite bringing several new share basis, characters, history and details of the original PS Vita, which we invite you to review your analysis here

Since PS3 LittleBigPlanet be imposed by a new style of game in which the creation and community interaction were mainstays of his amusement, Media Molecule has not wanted to rest on the laurels of their deserved success, but change root test new stuff. With LPB we met the Sackboy and his world, that we were building with what come out us of the imagination, but in 2013 Tearaway PS Vita offered a adventure 3rd person jumps, exploration, imagination and puzzles not have a more traditional game structure renounced the imagination going. In fact, the universe made of paper and origami figures that were removed from the sleeve continues to shine for its impressive art direction and the masterful way the study used all the tricks to make us partakers Vita constant in experience.

Some were surprised that they did exclusive of portable -harto needed more AAAs demonstrate their potentially, and there who frowned or nose when it was announced that there would be a PS4 version. Obviously, in a generation in which the unique portable consoles have desktop versions -Castlevania Mirror of Fate, Resident Evil Revelations, Arkham Origins Blackgate-, why not Tearaway? But we know what many are thinking. And no, this is not a fast port, this is a reconstruction of the original game expanded, with more phases, things to do, and above all, a mapping and mechanical change to get that feeling of breaking the 4th wall, dive into the game, be as full again. Have they succeeded? Short answer: Yes Long answer:. Keep reading.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Review Dishonored: Definitive Edition
PS 4 Game Dishonored was for many one of the biggest surprises we left the last generation of consoles. From Arkane Studios and had sold very well your project, even using controversial comparisons with the Call of Duty franchise. And that, many times, just playing against. But the result was impressive. Meristation Game of the Year (2012) and an experience of stealth and action, myself included, we left a great taste. Three years have passed and Bethesda launches remaster for next-generation consoles. Playable, Dishonored is still as powerful as the original delivery. But three years later, few innovations proposed by this title for those who enjoyed it at the time. If you have never played console and Dishonored, this Definitive Edition is simple and simply essential. In any other consideration it is more controversial.

The protagonist of this delivery is attano Corvo, a murderer who just looks like the Empress of Dunwall, a city in decline for many (not for a wealthy elite and despot) where plague and poverty is destroying everything. Being in the worst possible place at the wrong time is what happens to Corvo, who happens to be named enemy number one place on suspicion of killing the empress. That's where begins a race to avoid being caught and also a journey that should serve to discover the true conspirator. The presence of a rebel group that will help rescue a fallen alive and supernatural powers of heaven at the right time to complete a game is developed with extreme fluidity and gives endless possibilities to the player.
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